Virtual learning environment essay

Although, VLE has been beneficial in a lot of ways as discussed earlier in this write-up, but there are still a lot of challenges that stand across if. Like a fire triangle, for successful implementation of VLEs in a university there must be equal, coordinated and integrated investment in all three elements of the proposed model.

Finally, organizational culture which is the most important and the one that is often ignored includes attitudes and personal models of learning, policies, organizational climate, assessment and grading system, staff rewards among many others. The establishment of a discussion board for a whole course can cut down on the number of questions for each individual student.

Virtual Learning Environment Essay

Research in Learning Technology, 13 3pp. Availability of resources is very crucial in the implementation of e-learning. Communication First and foremost the tools support communication between the teachers and students, between the students themselves and across student groups through asynchronous online discussion boards and real-time or synchronous chats.

Some lecturers feel that getting involved with e-learning and VLE is not part of their role. The user and course records management has to do with making course registration available for users.

He mentioned that the resistance offered by academic staff and students in the adoption of change could be remedied through the creation of a specialized development unit.

VLE has to be functional and clear so as to obtain the best learning results. What educational requirements the university has which can be launched effectively on the VLE? Implementing Virtual Learning Environments: Traditional forms of VLE has only been characterized by static contents, update requires technical skills, limited interactions between tutors and students, and limited security, but modern VLE are sophisticated having changing web contents, animation, page updated by non-technical users, proper tutor-students interaction chat, blog, wikiand personal login details, which is an advanced form of security, privacy, and monitoring.

Security of the VLE is important and a key factor that dictated the success of the online learning environment. A large number of teaching materials are obtained on internal webpages and e-mail lists are commonly used to communicate with students.

In this case, the tutor should be flexible in adjusting instructions to cater for the various learning styles, interests and abilities. However, there is a need to implement VLE in the university. Most case studies indicate that VLEs is particularly good at bringing individuals together to create what is generally referred to as a community of practice.

The main point of concern should be focusing on what the users of the system required and give them the opportunity to express those needs instead of developing a system focusing on what it can do for them.

Virtual learning environment

This typically consists of supplementary reading, or innovative equivalents for it. Provide instruction in a manner familiar to the current web-oriented generation of students. The specific functionality associated with any implementation of a learning platform will vary depending upon the needs of the users and can be achieved by bringing together a range of features from different software solutions either commercially available, open sourceself-built or available as free to use web services.

They established that the key factors included: Analysis of the institutional context When planning for any change program, it is important to take the institution context into consideration.

This task can be done in two different stages, that is; a Creation of the user coalition group that covers all stakeholders It is important for a user group to be established so as to cater for the balance between organizational, technical and pedagogical consideration in the entire university.

Intercultural particularities should be taken into consideration when selecting VLE basic language to be applied. Distance education in the era of eLearning: Moreover, these students have expectations of studying current and new trends in technology. Students can use these facilities to create new ideas and improve or build upon their existing knowledge through online discussions and debates.

Students are required to meet deadlines. Finally, organizational culture which is the most important and the one that is often ignored includes attitudes and personal models of learning, policies, organizational climate, assessment and grading system, staff rewards among many others.

Virtual Learning Environment - Essay Example

The following strategies should be put into place; i. In their strategy, the main focus was the participation of academic schools in employing a range of changing practices. For example, some individuals in the organization may be against implementation of the VLE.

The student do not remain anonymous although their email address are cryptic enough to mask their identity. After choosing the required VLE based on the above factors, the next stage is the installation and usage.

The framework is composed of multiple tasks or strategies that ensure successful implementation of VLE in the university. When course materials are uploaded in VLE, cost of paper-based distribution to the students is adequately reduced.

Virtual Learning Environment

Birmingham, 9th SEDA conference. Overcoming barriers for eLearning in universities — portfolio models for competence development of faculty. This program involved a four-year cycle of pilot projects and evaluation ending up in a full availability rollout at the end of the four years.

For the implementation team, it is important for them to know the reasons behind the resistance and this could help them in planning to address the issues so as to overcome the resistance.Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Learning Environment is one of the many learning strategies or cheri197.coml Learning Environment or online learning is part of blended approach of leaning.

The other methods include self-managed learning where a person learns independently with the help from tutors, peers and using course materials and a face to face learning method is a strategy where. What is Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)? VLE is an online educational platform which is designed to enhance the learning experience for students.

It is software where teachers and students can communicate with each other online. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a software program devised to facilitate instructors in the management of courses for their students.

Virtual Learning Environment

It aims at helping students and teachers with course administration. Online environment is changing continuously and it represents a great opportunity for learning. It is very important to discover how to learn using all available communication channels and choosing the ones that best suit a person’s style of filtering the information.

Virtual Learning Environment Essay. VLE can be defined as a platform that is used for learning and interaction between students and teachers by a developed online computer-web technology - Virtual Learning Environment Essay introduction. There are some factors that instigated the development of VLE and it dates back as far as the internet development itself.

Virtual Learning Environment in Education - Title: Virtual Learning Environment in Education Motivation behind the study. Education is the one of important thing where people will gain their knowledge.

Virtual learning environment essay
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