Cardiovascular system research paper

Cardiovascular Disease, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. The aorta divides into many branches, which in turn divide into smaller ones until the entire body is supplied by a branching series of blood vessels.

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis by Vlachopoulos et al. Should you not lower cholesterol levels in serum by dieting, you can use drugs to lower your cholesterol, such as Statins.

Cardiovascular system research paper opening is called the tricuspid valve Blood is prevented from flowing backwards by the closing of each separate valve in the heart. Furthermore, elevated pulse pressure has been shown to be a predictor of stroke after cardiac surgery [ 64 ].

If the blood flow becomes totally blocked due to a blood clot, the affected portion of the heart muscle will die. Cardiovascular diseases include a wide range of heart abnormalities, as well as diseases of other parts of the circulatory system, such as the coronary arteries, ther cerebrovascular system, the aorta and pulmonary vessels, and the peripheral arteries and veins.

The two major types of mycotoxins that are commonly used are the Aflatoxins and T-2 Trichothecene mycotoxins Davis, These Variola virus small particles are also able to withstand various climatic conditions without being destroyed and it can easily be produced by terrorist.

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Secondary HTN is caused by hormonal problems or kidney disease, or pregnancy, oral contraceptives, or other causes. The capillaries then come together to form small veins. Vascular stiffness, an index of vascular health, has been shown to confer additional independent predictive value for adverse cardiovascular outcomes.

Variola major and minor small pox Variolas major and minor are the viruses that cause human infection known as small pox. While this process is taking place typical sounds can be heard.

This organism has been found to kill rapidly when used as biological weapon Davis, Even though the heart continues to work, it is severely impaired. To grasp truly the processes occurring in the body, it is necessary to examine all the components of which it is composed.


Over 60 million cases have been diagnosed in the US Ninety percent of these cases are primary-essential, idiopathic, that is there is no known cause. The reasons for this are twofold: He is actively involved in pre-clinical animal work for coronary and structural interventions.

Research Paper on Circulatory System

Such a system is called double, as the blood passes through the lungs first, and then through the heart. Abnormalities of these structures may be either congenital or acquired over time. Retrieved July 31, from http: Rheumatic heart disease — heart muscles and valves damage due to rheumatic fever caused by Streptococcus pyogenes a group A streptococcal infection.

There are many ways to prevent cardiovascular disease, researchers say a number of risk factors that contribute to the disease. These include increasing age, male gender, a family history, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol levels.

In order to stem the tide, education and awareness that cardiovascular disease poses the greatest threat, and measures to prevent or reverse this disease must be taken. This chemical substance being produced by the Aspergillus mold can also cause both chronic and acute effects or conditions which can affect other body functions or system.

We investigated in a preclinical model of MI whether ticagrelor and clopidogrel differently affect cardiac repair post-MI.

Cardiology Research and Practice

Stopping smoking is one of the most effective measures to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. Moreover, long-term cardiovascular outcomes were superior in the group treated with a combination of amlodipine plus an ACE inhibitor.

He has also performed a number of first-in-human procedures and is principal investigator in numerous CE-mark and multi-center studies.BackgroundThe optimal range of sodium intake for cardiovascular health is controversial. MethodsWe obtained morning fasting urine samples frompersons in 17 countries and estimated hour.

The Cardiovascular system is actually two different systems, the cardio system which refers to the heart and the vascular system which refers to the blood. So when talking about the cardiovascular system we are talking about the heart pumping blood around the body.

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Cardiovascular system Paper

This chart graphically details the %DV that a serving of Potatoes provides for each of the nutrients of which it is a good, very good, or excellent source according to our Food Rating System.

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Cardiovascular system research paper
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